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Trish Downing - Ironwoman

Posted in by on March 15, 2012.

It is widely accepted that the Ironman competition is one of the toughest physical challenges in the world!


Athletes complete the grueling 2.4 mile swim, only to jump on their bikes for 112 miles followed by a full marathon. Any one of these race components on their own is challenging; add them together and you have the Ironman!


Few athletes every complete this race successfully, despite their attempts. One woman has made a name for herself in this exclusive field, not only for her achievement of Ironman status, but her ability to do so as a paraplegic. Trish Downing is in fact the first female paraplegic to complete the Ironman triathlon race (2005), which opened the doors for future athletes within the adaptive sports arena. Trish completed the entire race using just her arms- amazing!


Prior to her accident, Trish was a competitive athlete. So, it isn�t any surprise that she jumped back into sports with full force. Following a biking accident, Trish injured her back maillot de foot pas cher and despite attempts to enable her to walk again, it simply wasn�t possible. So, instead, Trish learned how to continue her life and her passions from a wheelchair.


The Ironman race isn�t the only athletic accomplishment Trish has under her belt following her accident. She previously participated in the 1998 World Cycling Championships for the Disabled.


Trish doesn�t allow her disability to keep her back; in fact, she utilizes her circumstances for motivation. She strives to live each day to the fullest and gets some of her greatest satisfaction in life from her ongoing participation in competitive sports.

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