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Spina Bifida Can Not Keep a Local Teen Away from Ice Hockey

Posted in by on March 15, 2012.

Susie Kluting has found freedom away from her wheelchair; on the ice www.watchescouponcodes.com.

The 19 year old refuses to allow her spina bifida diagnosis to define her. Instead, she excels on the ice as a member of the U.S. National ice hockey team.

Ice hockey wasn�t her original passion. In fact, best replica watches she tried numerous sports before landing in the field of ice hockey. She was first introduced to the sport at the age of 7, in an adaptive sports program offered by Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital.

Known as �sled hockey�, players sit above two blades on low-slung buckets specifically designed to accommodate the athletes� unique physical limitations. Players can move along the ice using two sticks with sharp points, allowing them to gain traction on the ice. These customized sticks are double sided,Rolex Replica Watches pairing these sharp points needed for movement with the traditional hockey stick affixed to the other end.

Currently, women�s adaptive ice hockey is not currently recognized as a sport by the Paralympics, but many athletes, including Kluting, are moving to change this. For now, these courageous women are playing in local and national leagues.

Kluting�s buring desire to compete in a physically demanding sport, despite what some believe to be physical limitations, just goes to show the rest of us what�s possible if we combine modified equipment with internal determination.

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