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Injured Soldier Focuses Attention on the Paralympics

Posted in by on March 15, 2012.

So many U.S. soldiers return home having suffered physical injuries; considered by some to be �debilitating�. However, not every solider allows such injuries to keep them back. Mick Brennan, best replica watches a returning soldier from Iraq, suffered severe injuries during his tour of duty in 2004, causing both legs to be amputated.

Despite his physical changes, Brennan decided to focus on what�s possible in his life, not what�s deemed impossible. As such,tag heuer replica watches he has chosen to focus his attention on participating in the 2014 Winter Paralympic Games. In what sport you may ask; skiing! Thanks to state-of-the-art skis allowing participants to sit while navigating the slopes, Brennan�s wish to compete is within reach.

These adaptive skis are simply amazing; designed with custom suspension systems and seats, athletes are able to sit and steer comfortably down the slopes.

After just 3 � short years competing in the sport, Brennan is Rolex Replica Watches quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with, awarded 3rd place in the recent Australian National Championships.

A week later he won his first international race at the Italian National Championships and now hopes to become part of the British Paralympic team.

Through the support of his sponsors and his ongoing dedication to excel in the sport, the 2014 Paralympic games is quickly becoming in reach for Brennan.

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