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Robles- An Adaptive Wrestling Icon

Posted in by on March 16, 2012.

Without question- Anthony Robles is a wrestling phenom!

Despite being born with only one leg, Robles has surprised millions with his numerous accomplishments in the sport of wrestling.

At the age of 22, Robles won the 2010-2011 NCAA individual wrestling competition, cartier replica watches representing his alma mater, Arizona State. He finished his season with a perfect record of 36-0.

His win wasn''''''''t within the adaptive sports arena; it was against a field of fully able-bodied competitors. Robles competes within the 125 pound weight class.

Due to his physical limitations, Robles learned to maximize his upper body in the wresting ring. This adaptation hasn''''''''t been without some criticism, as his upper body’s strength in size is significantly greater than the majority of the competition within his weight class. Despite some skepticism, most agree that his accomplishment is truly amazing, and inspiring for others not only within the sport, but within all adaptive sports. He has proven that disabilities don''''''''t have to be debilitating.

In addition to his 2011 NCAA accomplishment, Robles is also a 2-time ESPY award recipient and inducted to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. Using his motivational story for a higher purpose, Robles spends time working as a motivational speaker within the Washington Speakers Bureau.

Rumor has it that Robles is taking to the slopes for the first time in 2012, something he has always wanted to do. With adaptive ski equipment, this wish is soon to become a reality.

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