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windsurfing misadventure

Posted in by on March 7, 2012.

I?d always been an avid windsurfer, maybe not since 1948 when Darby conceived the universal joint, but certainly since the 1980s when the sport found popularity. I considered myself an expert and generally the stormy the conditions the more I enjoyed it. Which is what made it all the more shocking and surprising when I was on the leeward side of Cape Cod, in not particularly rough conditions, and was caught a rogue gust of wind, flipped completely over, got tangled in the uphaul and the boom replica orologi italia and Replica Watches For Sale suddenly found myself flopping around like some kind of huge strange wounded seabird. The whole thing lasted only a couple of seconds; I got disengaged pretty quickly and never really felt in real danger of drowning or anything, but I did come out with a new respect for the forces of nature and a torn rotator cuff on my left shoulder. The worst part about the adventure was that I had been due to give my niece some early lessons later that week. We had both been looking forward to it. I especially didn?t want to lose the opportunity because I knew it might not come back around. The solution? A self-made second harness that looped my back, over my good shoulder, camisetas futbol baratas and fastened to the boom where my left hand would normally grip. It was probably not the most elegant design, nor perhaps the most prudent strategy given my recent trauma, but we were on a calm lake and it did the trick. What did I gain? A new for the elements, and a renewed faith in the ingenuity of human inventiveness. Thanks for creating this site; it?s great to find like-minded peeeps. Cheers (and no, that?s not me in the picture, below. I just like the shot.)

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