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30 years ago

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The lives of these athletes and their great achievements is inspiring, a gift to us. My son was a more regularly active guy ; he loved biking, skateboarding, swimming - and I am't sure he loved it but spent a lot of time walking.He was 20 when he lost his leg in a motorcycle accident.How he got back on his feet and has successfully dealt with the consequences - a BKA (below knee amputation) is also a gift, and an inspiration to me and his family.
That was about 30 years ago.
The phone call came just after we had gone to bed. I answered the call. Funny, I don't remember the room, or the phone - what it looked like or where it was located; but i remember the light in the room, and the conversation. It was an emergency room nurse from a small hospital who told me that our son had been injured in a motorcycle accident and was about to be transferred to Mass General. I remember making a snap decision to be cool and professional ( I was a nurse myself) so as to get as much information as possible. Consequently I learned that his leg had been severed and was being shipped with him. I learned that he was alert and oriented. Telling my husband and younger son, driving to the hospital, seeing our son, the doctor, the xray of the crushed leg ( my beautiful son's beautiful leg ), spending the the early morning hours at our friends house - all that was done high on adrenalin, automatic pilot. When it was clear that he was safe, thinking set in again. For some days I could not sleep . Not knowing how this was going to resolve itself, how we could help him, was tough.. At first I could not imagine how he could have a life as a cripple; would he be wheelchair bound; would he have to live at home with us for the rest of his life.?
At the same time, right from the beginning,there was a lot of help and support for us from fiends, family, and strangers. Importantly the morning after the accident we met a young man with a BKA. He managed his life quite well, and didn't see it as a problem. The medical staff, rehab - the more I learned the less scared I felt. But most of all our sons attitude. HE didn't seem to think his life was over ! He did what needed to be done to get back on his feet. After discharge from the hospital he stayed with us for a while and I gave him rides to rehab. He didn't need our help for long and was anxious to move back with friends.
That was 30 years ago.It took a few years to get over the shock of that phone call, and I missed his leg.
We all imagine, that something horrible could happen to some one we love. And we think we won't be up to it. but we are; we just can't imagine it beforehand.